Portable Toilet / Porta-Potty Rentals

Portable Toilets Porta Potty

Porta Potty rentals are perfect for outdoor events such as concerts and festivals, wedding receptions, residential and commercial construction sites, hunting camps, and more.

Rentals are available on weekend, weekly, and monthly terms. 

Standard Unit

Standard Unit Inside
Porta Potty Standard Unit
Standard Unit with Sink

Adams Services standard model portable restroom is also our most popular… and for good reason. The Standard Unit appeals to a wide range of customers due to its lightweight yet durable construction, spacious design, and user-friendly functionality.

Our Standard Unit is built tough and comes equipped with anti-slip floors and ample ventilation, making it ideal for commercial and residential worksites. It’s also a smart choice for events like concerts, fairs, and festivals. You won’t find a roomier standard portable toilet. Our Standard Unit features 17.4 percent more interior space than comparable units in the industry. Its design allows for easy setup and maintenance, and cleanup is a breeze. For an enhanced experience, the Standard Unit can be equipped with numerous amenities and accompanied by Adams Services top-quality portable sinks and hand sanitizing stations.

Our Standard Unit is also available as a flushable unit. Single and double standalone handwashing stations are available. 

– Exterior Height 91 in

– Exterior Width 43.5 in

–  Exterior Length 47 in

Elite Flushable Unit

Flushable Portable Toilet
Porta-potty with handwashing station

Adams Services Elite Flushable Unit allows waste to be flushed away with fresh water after each use. It’s the biggest upgrade we offer, and it’s an ideal solution for weddings and similar high-end events with VIP guests.

Our Elite Flushable Unit is available with or without a sink. The sink is plumbed directly to the tank. Gray water from the sink drains right into the toilet tank, and fresh water from the sink is used to flush the toilet, which is operated using a hands-free, foot-operated pump. It’s the most hygienic portable toilet setup available because fresh water is used for each flush. Despite its many features, the Fleet Fresh Flush is easy to clean and maintain.

When VIP users expect no less than the ultimate portable toilet experience, the spacious and hygienic Elite Flushable portable toilet delivers.

– Exterior Height 91 in

– Exterior Width 43.5 in

–  Exterior Length 47 in

Handicapped Unit

Standard Handicapped Unit

Standard Handicapped Unit

Porta-potty Handicap Unit
Flushable Standard Handicapped Unit with sink

Also available as a flushable unit with interior sink.

Adams Services handicap-accessible portable toilet provides the safety, convenience, and comfort necessary for users with a physical disability or mobility impairment. Wheelchair-accessible units are essential at special events of all types including weddings, concerts, fairs, festivals, and parties.

Our Handicapped Unit is packed with features to accommodate wheelchair-users or anyone who requires extra space. These ease-of-use features include:

  • – More than 16 square feet of open interior floor space
  • – Oversized, self-closing door
  • – Roll-in ground level floor access
  • – Interior handrails


When accessibility, comfort, and reliability are a must, our Handicapped Unit is the must-have solution.


– Exterior Height 91 in

– Exterior Width 62 in

–  Exterior Length 62 in

Portable Handwashing Stations

Dual Sink Unit

Portable Handwashing Stations
  • – Capacity: 22-gallon fresh water, 24-gallon grey water
  • – Nearly 350 uses without refilling
  • – Includes two soap dispensers, four paper towel dispensers and hands-free foot-pump operation
  • – Includes drain plugs and lockable fill caps
  • – Engineered with built-in handles to easily maneuver into place
  • – Easy on-site maintenance with handy siphon port for pump-out
  • – Stays put with tie-down ring
  • – Weighs 70 lbs empty, 250 lbs full

Single Sink Unit

Single Sink porta potty
  • – Separately rotomolded sink basin eliminates the possibility of cross contamination
  • – Molded in base plate that makes the unit sturdier
  • – Conforms to full forearm submersion regulations
  • – Blue quarter turn fresh water fill port
  • – Rubber tread wheels
  • – Two convenient drain ports. One for fresh water and one for gray water.
  • – Large hatch to gray water tank